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Physical Facilities and Infrastructure

Facilities in the College:

  1. The College is situated in a rural area i.e. Shirva village, Udupi District.
  2. Every year Vinod and Dr. Chandrashekara Shetty Kaup Foundation is awarding scholarship of Rs. 1,000.00 each to 51 no.s of students.
  3. 10 Book Banks are established in the College for the benefit of poor and meritorious  students.
  4. A separate Library Block with all facilities (Library Software, e-lib facilities, 21 computers with internet facilities was established in the College.
  5. Computer education is provided to the students along with the degree courses.
  6. 27 acres of even land and a separate Kreeda Bhavan was constructed for the benefit of Sports and Games students.
  7. Internet facilities is provided for the benefit of the students in the College.
  8. A special attention to Sports and extra curricular students.
  9. A new and specious Women’s Hostel was established in the College for the benefit of Women students.
  10. Campus Interview programmes were conducted for the benefit of final year degree students.
Physical Facilities / Infrastructure  
Land & Building  
Land Area (in Acres) 15Acres
Built Up Area of College building(Floor Area) 822.38 sq mts
Play ground / Sports / games Area (Kreeda Bhavan) 127.35 sq mts
Teaching / Learning  
Number of Class Rooms 10
Number of Tutorial Rooms --
Number of Laboratories ---
Number of Seminar Rooms 1
Number of Conference Rooms 1
Number of Committee Rooms 3
Number of students in Boys Hostel --
Number of students in Girls Hostel First Year Lady Students are Accomodated
Seating capacity of Library Reading Room 150
Number of Books in the Library 10,970
Number of Journals subscribed 30
Number of Multimedia literature  
ICT Infrastructure:
Number of PCs in Computer Centre 8
Number of PIV or higher PCs --
Number of LAN terminals --
Wl fi connectivity --
Type & Speed of Internet Connectivity --
Teaching Tools / Aids
Number of Television 1
Number of OHPs 1
Number of LCDs 1
Number of VCP / VCR 1
Auditorium with 400
Gymnasium Available
Indoor Games Available
Sports Facilities Available
Number of Houses for Teachers ----
Number of Rooms in Guest House -----
Number of Common Rooms for Students 1
Health Center / medical centre -----
Number of Cubicles / Rooms for Teachers 3staff Room
Common rooms for Teachers Available
Canteen for Students Available
Transport facility for students ---